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Super Ideas: Securing Australia’s Retirement Income System

Joint Vision Super | John Curtin Research Centre Policy Paper

Make Australia Fair Again: the Case for Employee Representation on Company Boards

Dr Nick Dyrenfurth, 2017.

In this second John Curtin Research Centre policy essay Nick Dyrenfurth makes the case for employee representation on company boards. This vital reform to our corporate governance, he argues, is necessary to rebuild a pro-worker, pro-business economy: fostering workplace cooperation, boosting productivity, and tackling rising inequality and stagnating real wages. No less than the future of the Australian way is at stake.

The Tocsin
Issue 3, December 2017

John Curtin Research Centre

ISSUE 2, october 2017

John Curtin Research Centre

Housing Addicts?: How the ‘Australian Dream’ became a national nightmare

Misha Zelinsky, 2017.

In this lively and thoughtful inaugural John Curtin Research Centre essay, Zelinsky argues that the present housing market reflects a dangerous public policy failure where a worthwhile national aspiration – the so-called ‘Australian dream’ of owning your own home – has combined with generous tax concessions, poor government planning and a lack of investment imagination to pose a serious threat to our ‘fair go’ economy and society. Housing Addicts? is an impassioned case for saving the great Australian dream. 

ISSUE 1, JUNE 2017

John Curtin Research Centre

The inaugural edition of the Centre's flagship publication features insightful policy discussion from some of the Australian labour movement's brightest thinkers, including Peter Khalil MP, Hon. Philip Dalidakis MP, Dr Bill Leadbetter, Professor Janet McCalman, Kosmos Samaras, Misha Zelinsky, Frank Bongiorno, Rebekka Power, Paul Sakkal and our ED Dr Nick Dyrenfurth.